At Greenfield Research, we believe in partnering with our customers to assist them in designing and manufacturing the right formed wire product to meet their specific needs. This includes helping them to identify the right process and the right equipment to meet their requirements. We design and build most of our equipment in-house using a variety of processes to produce the highest quality products, on time and every time, at the right price.

Our wire products are made using the following steel and diameter ranges:

  • Low Carbon Steel – low tensile range
    • 3.50 mm (.161”) to 6 mm (.236”)
  • High Carbon Steel – low tensile range
    • 1.58 mm (.062”) to 6 mm (.236”)
  • Oil Tempered High Carbon Steel
    • 1.58 mm (.062”) to 2.67 mm (.105”)

Greenfield Research is familiar with many OEM specifications for steel wire products as well as international standards such as ASTM and JIS specifications.

We are the #1 supplier of paper covered wire to the automotive seating industry. We produce both straight and formed paper covered wires for use in the automotive and furniture industries.

Paper covered wires provide excellent pull-strength in foaming applications as well as offer anti-vibrational properties for squeak and rattle. They are also excellent for hog ringing and assembly applications.

Our paper covered wire capabilities include:

  • 1.58 mm diameter (16 gauge)
  • 2.03 mm diameter (14 gauge)
  • 2.67 mm diameter (12 gauge)
  • ASTM A227 High Carbon & ASTM A229 Oil Tempered High Carbon Steel
  • Straight cut lengths ranging in length from 75 mm to 1500 mm

We manufacture 3D shaped border wires used for foam support, specifically designed to enhance ingress and egress durability. We create our wire form assemblies using:

  • Three-finger clamps
  • Formed tube-style clamps
  • Butt-welds
  • Gas assist arc-welds
  • Resistance welding

We manufacture formed and straight trim listing wires used in automotive and furniture applications in a variety of lengths and diameters made to our customer's requirements. Trim listing wires include safety loops on each end of the wire to protect our customers and their products. We produce most of our trim wires using our Greenfield Research standard loop size, however loops can be customized at the customer’s request.

Our trim wire capabilities include:

  • 1.83 mm– 2.67 mm Diameter
  • ASTM A227 High Carbon Steel
  • Standard straight lengths ranging from 160 mm to 1270 mm
  • Specialty Lengths 100 mm to 159 mm and 1271 mm to 1500 mm